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Advice and help on Business Taxes

Starting Your Business

All the steps and requirements that you will need to get your business started

Running Your Business

All the services and advice that keeps your business running smoothly

Publicity and Branding

Getting your business noticed for all the right reasons

Technical Issues

Ironing out technical issues and developing your new business ideas


Tax Returns
Do you need advice on filing your tax returns?

Have you been neglecting your tax returns for a while and need to get them straightened out for a tax clearance certificate?

Do you have problems with tax returns and other tax forms?
We can help you with all the paperwork needed to complete and support your accounts and tax return.

We can help you get your tax returns back up-to-date so you don't have to worry about a tax audit.

We can also help with Corporation tax, green levy and other tax requirements.

Quarterly Business Taxes & VAT Payments
Did you know that there are quarterly taxes to be paid for your business?

Failure to pay or to pay on time can incur heavy penalties and interest payments.

Ignoring or over-looking these payments can be very costly.
Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Green Levy & Business Levy are required to be paid quarterly.

You may be liable for Business Levy; Green Levy; Corporation Tax.

Let us help you get a handle on these for you, so you don't have to pay more than you have to.

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Registering your Company/Business Name

Are you looking to register your company or business?

Did you know that if your business name is not registered, anyone else can use it?

In order to register a company name a search must be done to ensure it or a similar name does not exist.

We can register your business in Trinidad & Tobago for you.

We can help you by doing searches and complete the registration of your company.

We will also get your BIR numbers for your business.

Company Stamp
When a company is formed a company stamp is required.

This is for all official documents regarding the company, such as opening bank accounts, tax and NIS applications and submissions.
This stamp will be used for the life of the company to stamp all official documents of the company.

We can design your company stamp to include your logo as well as all the required details, and have it made for you.

Opening Bank Account
Banks often require particular details and documents for you to open a business account.

Some financial documents and statements may be needed in order to satisfy the banks requirements.
We can help you meet the bank's requirements and draw up business plans, financial statements, cash flows, projected income statements or other documentation required by the bank and help you navigate the business banking process.

Business Plans

Some banks require cash-flows or business plans or prospectus to be able to get loans or for continuation of loan facilities.
We can prepare business plans for your business in a format acceptable to the bank or lending institution you are borrowing from.

Financial Statements
Financial statements show the performance of your business.

You will need to present these to banks and tax authorities.

It is a basic MUST for every business.
We are a registered accounting firm.

We can prepare financial statements for your business.

Cash Flows and Cash Management
Cash flows are usually a bank requirement for opening a business account or you might just need clarity in how to manage your cash in the near future. Just talk to us, we can prepare your cash flow statement for the banks as well as help you with managing payments to your suppliers and help with collecting from your customers.

Projected Income Statements
If you are asking the bank for a loan, they will want to know what your future business performance will look like.

This is where a projected income statement would be asked for.
We can help you see what your business performance should be in the future and where you need to take your business.

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Accounting and Book Keeping
Accounting records are required to be kept for all businesses by law.

If you cannot say what your business performance is, the tax authorities will make an estimate of what they think your profits are.

They will use this to calculate what they think your taxes should be.

Their figure might be higher than what your business should realistically pay.

But !!!! You need to be able to prove your figures.
We can help you keep your accounts and book keeping up-to-date and avoid any problems with the Trinidad & Tobago Board of Inland Revenue.

Once your accounts are in order, you need not fear a tax audit or paying more than you should.

Employee Contracts and Job Descriptions
Do your employees know what is expected of them in their job?

Are you dissatisfied that they don't do what you expect of them?

This could lead to tension in the workplace and your business maybe suffering as a result.
An employment contract lets both you and your employees understand the rules of their employment.

We will draft employment contracts for your business. With your input we will produce job descriptions for the employment positions that you offer.

This is good Industrial Relations practice and gives you a good leg to stand on when you are managing your business.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements
Are your employees exposed to confidential company information in the execution of their job?

Would it be damaging to your company if this were disclosed to a competitor or general public?

Developing a valuable idea that you don't want the competition to know?
Confidentially and non disclosure agreements formally layout what can and cannot be disclosed and the legal penalties incurred if the agreement is broken.

Also if a new design or idea is to be discussed with persons outside of the company a confidentially or non disclosure agreements is strongly recommended.

Company Policy Documents
These can be used to regulate employee behaviour in the workplace.

Such as time keeping, bringing and use of illicit or intoxicating substance on the work compound etc.
Having company policy documents that your employees have signed up to makes conduct and behavior requirements more transparent and understood by all parties involved.

It is very good industrial relations practice and gives the business a firm position in any disputes with your employees.

Payroll Preparation Health Surcharge/ PAYE / NIS TD4s TD1s
Employee taxes and insurance is a statutory requirement.

Your business must make statutory deductions and make tax payments on behalf of its employees.
We will prepare your payroll and deduct all statutory deductions such as NIS and Health Surcharge which we will pay across on your behalf.

Company Secretarial
Need help with staying in compliance with your statutory obligations and communications to your shareholders and also with guidance on good corporate governance.

There are legal obligations that your company must satisfy to be in compliance with the law.
We can advise on the requirements of the Companies Act that your company must comply with.

We'll fill out all the forms that need to be completed and we'll submit them for you.

Annual Returns
All Limited Liability companies are required to submit annual returns every year, failure to do this will incur heavy penalties. Don't worry we will get these done and submitted on time so that you don't incur the fines.

Filing of Beneficial Ownership Forms
Beneficial ownership is a new requirement resulting from an amendment to the Companies Act.

It is in keeping with international standards in countering money laundering.

Failing to comply incurs harsh penalties.
We can assist you in understanding and completing these forms and with submitting them.

Policy Audits
Larger companies will review their company policies from time to time.

This ensures that the policies of the company are kept up to date and in compliance with the laws.
It is prudent to review company policies from time to time.

This may not be a big exercise but should be done periodically, and an external review may have a new perspective.

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Graphic Design and Logos
Do you need a logo?

Logos are a great way for people to recognise your business or product "at a glance" without any wording.

Do you need letter head stationary, or artwork for packaging?
We can help you with developing the artwork for your logo.

We can also register it in Trinidad & Tobago to prevent abuse of it by unscrupulous competitors.

Domain Registration and e-mail Setup
Having a web presence is important to allow your customers to find you and enable them to be aware of the products or services you offer.

A web presence is important to allow customers to find you.
Customers will "google" to find your business, if you are not there someone else will get your business.

We can set you up a "dot com" website with email at your website address, rather than a "gmail" address.

Website Design and Hosting
Some businesses want only a simple website, others like to make it fancy. It gives your business the edge. Remember it's a digital world. We can arrange web hosting and design your website for you.

We will help you with website layout, writing your content and graphics and customer interface on your site.

Business Cards
Meeting a new customer? Be sure that they can contact you again without too much difficulty.

We can create artwork and cards for you to leave a lasting impression on your contacts and customers.
A business card makes connections, and are your presence with the customer after you have left, their importance should not be under estimated.

Advertising and Publicity
Do you want people to remember you company name; the services or products that your business provides.

Do you want people to say "I've heard of them".
We can help with publicity and brand recognition.

Leaflet and Poster Design
Do you have a localised service that you want to advertise?

Leaflets can be used a visual aid to explain to a customer a summary of services or products that you can provide.

They can then be left with customers for their future reference.
We can arrange artwork and layout for advertising leaflets.

We can do black and white or colour flyers.

We will help you make an eye-catching leaflet and have them printed.

Leaflet Drops
Leaflets are a good way to target avertising in a specific local area.

We can arrange drops to any locations or areas in Trinidad or Tobago.
We can help with artwork and layout of all sizes and types of flyers.

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Stock Control System
Need to identify stock items and track them in and out of inventory We can help with barcode printers and scanners to mark and monitor your stock movements.

We can even setup purpose built systems for you.

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